Northern Michigan
Fall Color Tours

Michigan’s Great Outdoors is an informal partnership of tourism leaders in Manistee, Mason, Oceana, Lake, Newaygo and Wexford counties.  The group’s mission is to partner together to promote tourism for a stronger economy. We are pleased to offer you a vast selection of Northern Michigan Fall Color Tour options for throughout our region.  Read about and select the regions below to download a self-guided Northern Michigan Color Tour!

DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE TOUR HERE, or browse by county below.




Manistee County Color Tour & Lake Michigan Coastal Fall Color Tour

As the days get shorter and the brisk air sweeps through the highways and byways, vistiors and locals alike flock to Northern Michigan to experience some of the most vibrant fall colors in the country. Departing from Manistee in the early morning hours of the autumn equinox, one has many options to tour one of Michigan’s most beautiful and scenic highways, M-22.   Visit the Manistee County Partner site for more tour information and self guided tours.



Mason County Color Tour & The Ludington State Park

There is so much to explore all within a 10 mile radius from  Downtown Ludington.  Explore the beautiful sands of the Ludington State Park, or the scenic overlook on South Lakeshore Road. Also venture into the Wind Farms and see the beautiful rolling hills full of fall color flanked alongside these massive man made wonders.  Visit Pure Ludington for more tour information.

Cadillac Area / Wexford County Color Tour & Lake and Rolling Hills of the Surrounding Area

Fall Color in Cadillac is second to none, breath taking views can be seen from your car, bicycle, kayak, canoe, motorcycle, train and by foot…. You name your mode of transportation, and you’ll experience unforgettable views…  Learn more about Wexford County here at their partner site.

Oceana County Color Tour & The Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Autumn has a full color palate in Oceana County.  Leaves of deep crimson, glorious golds, rich siennas and umbers are balanced by the dark green spruces, pines and the brilliant blues of the lakes and sky.  Our temperatures, moderated by Lake Michigan, mean crisp mornings give way to warm days well into October-lots of time for you to enjoy a weekend (or more!) for a color tour with many outdoor activities.

Lake and Newaygo County Fall Color Tour

Autumn is a beautiful time of year in North Central Michigan.  The rolling hills and scenic overlooks allow you to look out onto a vast open network of fall color while weaving your way through some of the communities that truly define “up north” living.  Take this 180 mile ride along these beautiful roads and experience the fall color through Newaygo, Lake,  Wexford, Mason and Manistee County